Our Work Force

Just in case you've never met all of us, or never seen us all in one place at the same time, here's our whole crew; at least all that showed up on the day of the shoot.

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Shown, Left to Right:

Computer Programs Specialist - Rick D. McClain
Computer Systems Administrator - D. "Guru" McClain
Webmaster - Ricky Dale
Purchasing Agent - R. Dale "Moneybags" McClain
Executive Secretary & Studio Manager - Ms. Richelle McClain
Sales Representative - Richard Dale McClain
Head Photographer - Rick McClain
Project Coordinator - Richard Dale
Custodian - Dale McClain
Gofer - R. "Speedy" McClain
Accountant - R. D. "BeanCounter" McClain
Marketing Manager - Richard D. McClain

Sorry, the rest of the crew was working the day of the Shoot.
Somebody has to hold down the fort and cover the overhead.

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